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Prayer for Peace

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

"Father-Mother God, One Creator of All,

I call on You now.

Take these fears, and give me Your Peace.

Take this world my eyes are showing me, and give me Your Vision.

Take these cries that my ears are hearing, and give me Your Mercy.

Take these words that are speaking of attack and defense, and give me Your Truth.

Take this mind bent on convincing me of the “reality” of separation, and reveal to me my Oneness with You, with all my brothers, with all life.

I accept Your Peace, Your Vision, Your Mercy, Your Love and Oneness as the only Truth.

I am One with You and all my brothers.

My brother is innocent, without guilt or “sin”, perfect because he is Your Creation.

My ideas, however, about my brother, about my real self, about You, about life, about everything… THEY are what’s false, what need to be corrected at their source: ME.

I have made a terrible mistake, casting onto my brother all of MY fears, MY inner turmoil and divisions, MY guilt, MY rage, MY fear, MY ideas, MY smallness. Like a veil, I have placed those falsities upon him, and they have clouded my vision and perception of the Truth. THEY are what I’m “seeing” “out there”.

Today, it’s Ukraine. Yesterday it was the Ottawa protests and, of course, the virus. I recognize now that they are all different forms of one idea that I obviously still cherish:

That Love has abandoned me to this world, a dangerous world filled with at best misguided, at worst “evil”, people bent on power and abuse, who destroy innocents and against whom I must defend myself. I am alone here, weak and vulnerable. I must have done something horribly wrong for Love to leave me here. I must be so unworthy, beyond redemption or saving. Why else would You leave me here?

How many times have You told me that You did not create this world, that it’s my own fabrication? That what You created One can never be divided; but I can think it can? That I am (we are) Your Beloved Child? Always. Safe with You, right here, right now. That I am dreaming a dream of being separate from You and my brother? That I need to wake up, and accept the Truth that I love my brother and You, and that we have Your Love for all eternity, no matter what we think?

Peace to my brother, with whom I am forever joined in Your Love.

Peace to the mind that is now stirring awake.

Peace to what appears separate but that in truth is One.

Peace. Peace. Peace." 🙏

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