Inspirational Speaker  

I’m a master of personal reinvention, having successfully moved from pre-med studies to an MBA, which opened doors to working at a Big-6 consultancy and later in various marketing, sales and business management roles at Microsoft. I abandoned it all to travel alone, walking the 800-km Camino in Spain followed by a 5000-km, 13-month, 13-country walk for peace. That experience informed my decision to become a social entrepreneur, sharing business and life lessons learned in my books, presentations, and radio and TV shows.

I speak from experience about what it means to live a bold, authentic life, how to be resilient in the face of an ever-changing world, and how to fearlessly step into the unknown even when the path ahead is unclear. I weave personal stories into my talks to create offerings that inform, inspire and entertain.

Master of Ceremonies

With warmth, integrity and humour, I ensure that your event goals are met, staying on schedule and ensuring that the audience has a seamless, integrated experience. I transition speakers with ease and interview them as needed to ensure they tie in your main goals. I maintain the appropriate energy levels of the audience and bring to life the hard work that went into creating the event. I have experience with both corporate and social events.


Whether it's a team offsite or a meeting where consensus is required, I bring my skills as Host and Producer of live TV and radio shows to the task. I'm an excellent listener and someone who thinks on their feet. I create a professional, welcoming atmosphere where individuals feel confident in sharing their ideas. I keep them focused and ensure equal participation. I believe in preparation, and thoroughly research my topics so I can ask pertinent questions.

Mony - Facilitator

Spiritual Guide

Whether you are walking this great pilgrimage called life or are preparing to walk the Camino (or another sacred site), I offer one-on-one spiritual and emotional guidance so that you may walk this world with greater confidence, ease and trust.

If you are a group leader taking pilgrims on sacred journeys and are looking for a Spiritual Guide to support them before, during and after their pilgrimage, please  contact me to discuss your needs.


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