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Soul Portraits 

Soul portraits are an illustrated spiritual message, channeled specifically for you. In the one-hour session, I will open to receive the message that most serves this moment of your spiritual journey. From this initial sketch, I will then elaborate the final illustration, examples of which are below. They are typically ready in 7-10 days. 

What is a Soul Portrait ? 

We are Love, beauty, goodness, power, joy, harmony... but when we look in the mirror, all too often, what we see are our imperfections. We judge and criticize ourselves. We hold on to judgments and grievances. We fail to appreciate, or even notice, our innate beauty and perfection.

A Soul Portrait reminds us of who we really are, and symbolically shows us our marvelous essence. It invites us to raise our perspectives of who we are, and to appreciate our life and purpose in a way that is authentic and conscious. It brings a message from Spirit, that part of us that is eternal and infinitely wise, guiding us back to who and what we truly are.

With our Soul Portrait, we more easily align with our greatest treasure: the God that resides within us, our true Divine Self.

What You Will Receive

One-hour session with me via Zoom. If you would rather not have the session, you can still send me pictures and/or videos of yourself, and I can create the Portrait from them.

The original Soul Portrait, in black and white with touches of colour, on 7x10 in. (18x25 cm) art paper. Please note that shipping is extra.


Digital copy of the Soul Portrait is for your personal use only. 

I also try to create a speed-drawing video of the process of creating your Portrait; however, I cannot guarantee it since technical failures sometimes occur. I will post the video on my YouTube channel, and can provide you the file, if you are interested. There is no additional cost for this.

Watch the Creation Process

Soul Portrait Examples

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