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Our Story

Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso

Hello! Hola!

We are Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso, founders of Walking for Peace Publishing. Walking For Peace materialized and came alive in 2012 following the positive reception of our award-winning books: “Walking for Peace, an inner journey”, a memoir of our 5000km pilgrimage for peace, and “I am Happy,” our first children’s affirmations books. 

In 2001, we met in Finisterre, end of the fabled Camino de Santiago pilgrimage path and ancestral end of the world in northern Spain. At that time, we were both pilgrims walking in search of inner peace and spiritual growth. Our experiences revealed to us our thirst for spiritual storytelling and the desire for individuals to read books and have artwork that inspires contemplation and reflection. 

Today, our ever-expanding offerings include multi-language books, Art of the Spirit (including commissions) and speaking services. Currently, we are physically located in Canada, but our offerings can be acquired internationally. 

Our beliefs

We believe that there is a guiding universal Intelligence called by many names, among them Creator, God, Universal Consciousness. We also believe that Love is the only truth of existence, that we are created by Love, for love, and are here to love ourselves and others, and, to know that we do not walk alone. It is to this Love that we give expression in all our creations.


Our mission 

Our mission is to bring books and artwork that inspire and transform through a spiritual lens. The ideas all come from our personal spiritual quests during pilgrimage, and beyond.  


We continually find ways to express our ever-expanding beliefs in the hope that, in some small measure, they inspire you in your personal journeys, remind you of the power we all have to change our world, and of the mystery and magic that is unveiled when we open our minds and hearts, and follow our authentic calling. 

Mony's Story

Mony is a storyteller and international award-winning author who uses her experiences of life as a simple pilgrim walking the 800-km Camino in Spain and then 5,000 kilometres from Rome to Jerusalem as the foundations for her popular presentations and publications.

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Alberto' Story 

Alberto is an artist, illustrator and international award-winning author.
All his creations deal with the theme of the soul's journey towards understanding, towards mastery, and its process of evolution and transformation into its highest potential imaginable.

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