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Media from the Way 

Croatian National Television

This interview was made in Sibenik, Croatia, as I, Mony, was recovering from a serious infection. Alberto and I had temporarily separated, and I found myself literally among "angels on earth" who came to my rescue.

The first two minutes of this video show the portion that was aired. The remainder of this 43-minute video shows the full footage that was shot, along with a side trip that I took with Fra Drago Ljevar to Krka National Park. 

Albanian Private Television

In this 2-part 20-minute interview, Alberto and I were arriving into the town of Tuzi in Serbia/Montenegro, and had had stopped to put on our rain gear along what appeared to be a simple country road. Little did we know that the house in front of which we stopped housed a private Albanian TV station. A journalist came out with her camera-man, and we gave this interview.

13 - Separation (smaller).jpg


The message on our backpacks attracted attention everywhere we went. Read some of the articles that were written about us.

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