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My Introduction to “A Course in Miracles”

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Early last year, just before the pandemic, Alberto bought me a copy of a book called A Course in Miracles. I appreciated it, but wasn’t really interested. I was still actively channeling and feeling connected to Spirit. I didn’t feel I needed yet another teacher when I felt contented with my own inner guidance. Besides, it looked heavy…and not just physically! With almost 700 pages of text, 365 lessons, and small lettering with hardly any white space, it was daunting.

But Alberto loved it, and kept insisting that I would love it too. So I began reading the text. It WAS heavy! But more than that, I didn’t understand it at all. It was beautifully written, of that there is no doubt, but it used terms that I wasn’t especially familiar with and that caused some resistance: atonement, salvation, Holy Spirit, the Sonship, the Kingdom, God the Father (not the Mother), God’s Son (not Child or Daughter), your brother (not sister or companion)… and many more terms.

Frustrated, I decided to try the lessons, practicing the suggested one a day, but I found it too cumbersome, with concepts that (in my arrogance) I believed I already understood.

I put it down and picked it up many times. I left it for long stretches of time. I skipped over lessons or read several at once. Until several months in, something clicked.

Once I understood the terminology, I could see that it was a harmonious blending of the teachings that have most influenced my spiritual path: the Ho’oponopono healing and forgiveness teachings, and the mystical Christianity and Way of Love teachings of White Eagle who came to us at the end of our pilgrimage. It’s a deep dive into both, in language that often left me in tears, affirming the path of awakening to truth through 100% responsibility for the world I am fabricating so that, awakened, I may be of best service to truth. And Love and Oneness are the only truth.

Since then, I have not put it down, practicing a daily lesson and reading the text as I feel called. When Alberto did his inktober illustrations last month, I recorded a chapter a day so that I could better integrate the teachings and listen to them when I was walking or preparing a meal. I begin and end my day with it. It is not only what Alberto and I talk about, but what we apply to whatever is happening in our lives that “upsets” us. It keeps us both close to Spirit, listening to Its Voice more exclusively than ever. Not only do I see the effects in my relationships and experiences, but I feel a quiet, confident peace that goes with me into all my interactions with the world and that remains unaffected by its happenings. It is only this I wish for all to experience.

I’m not sure it’s my personal calling to become a teacher, in the traditional sense, of the Course since it is a self-study course and any “teacher” is first and foremost a student themselves who is doing the inner work of healing/correction so that Spirit alone is working through their minds and bodies. I am, however, living its principles and do enjoy sharing stories of that journey, so that is likely what I will share with you here.

If you would like to learn more about this Course, or read it free online, visit and the Foundation for Inner Peace which is its authorized publisher. I also encourage you to download the Study Guide from their site, especially if you come from a Christian background since the definitions of key terms are not exactly the same as we have been taught.

Love, always,


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