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Crucifixion and Resurrection

This time of year is sacred for many traditions, with Ramadan, Passover and Easter being celebrated, Holi having just passed, and Vesak and Beltaine coming soon. It is a time of contemplation, transformation and celebration.

This past week, I have been seeing a picture I’m sure many of you have seen. It’s the World Press Photo of the Year taken by Amber Bracken, the red dresses hanging on crosses down this road depicting in one powerful image the legacy of residential schools run by the Catholic Church in Canada.

At the same time, I have also been staring at this image at the bottom of my driveway, and down my street. It’s fibre optic cable from a local telco that is being buried in the entire neighbourhood. It looks so much like a cross, but with a circle to replace the arm

I knew there was a message there, and as soon as I sat with Spirit, the response was immediate:

It is time to surrender the cross of the crucifixion and the idea (and idealization) of sacrifice, suffering and death,

And embrace the circle of the resurrection and the truth of our wholeness and oneness with one another, with all life, and with our One Creator who IS Life Eternal.

In this circle, we are connected to Spirit, immersed once again in Light, at rest and at peace, hearing at last the gentle whispers of Love reminding us we are Its beloved Child, receiving directly the comfort and understanding of what is ours to understand at this moment of our awakening.

Fibre optic cables are conduits of light - data encoded in light - and the fastest means of communicating, of receiving and delivering information.

Only in Light can we receive and transmit clearly.

Today is Good Friday, traditionally the saddest day of a week that is filled with sadness, and where it’s acceptable (even expected) to ritualize and idolize sacrifice, suffering and death (the cross). I remember being made to feel guilty for being happy at this time. But I feel the message given me is to look beyond them to what is forever Unchanged, Unchanging, Life Giving (the circle).

What is of the body is temporary, and belongs to time.

What is of Spirit is eternal, and belongs to Timelessness Itself.

We are Spirit. Not bodies. Bodies are neutral, conduits for whatever the mind dictates. That mind can be filled with fear or love. Given to Spirit - which knows only Love - our bodies can fulfill the function Spirit knows will best extend Love into the world.

That’s why Jesus could lay down his body. He never identified himself as a body or as a person, but as the Christ, the Light, Holy Son of God Himself, forever one with the Father and all his brothers… just as he promised we too are, but have simply forgotten. As the Christ, one with the Father, he surrendered the body to those who wanted it, but demonstrated three days later what it means to BE the Christ and ITS Power to those who finally accept that they too are this.

It is a message of great hope. But what we remember and hold on to is the crucifixion, the suffering, the anger, the injustice, the guilt… recreating it year after year, keeping it alive in our memories, passing it to our children, believing we are honouring the Christ by so doing,

while the Great Master Himself repeats:

I (the Christ) am the resurrection.

I (the Christ) am the way.

The Christ is the Love of the Father, forever bound to His Son whom He created Eternal and who can never die, no matter his experiences in the body, no matter his ideas about who he thinks he is. What is created by God *** the Christ, not the body *** lives on forever.

And THAT is reason indeed to celebrate!

Blessings to all at this sacred time, 🙏💕


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