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Vision Board for the Ego

Updated: May 16, 2023

ACIM Lesson 24 - I do not perceive my own best interests.
Original Illustration by Alberto Agraso

If there were to be a title for this illustration by Alberto, it would be this.

What he is showing are all the goals, projects and dreams we had when we started our enterprise together, what we believed would make us happy and what the world defined as our success:

Huge media platform! International best-selling books! An interview with Oprah… OMG!!! Now you’ve reached the pinnacle of success! lol

This is a sensitive topic to discuss because it touches on ideas we cherish and are often unwilling to examine. I include myself in that assessment. It is how we are told the world operates, one defined by competition and scarcity, and what we must do to survive. It is a world based on the idea that we are separate from one another, from all life, and most definitely from God-Source.

This is what A Course in Miracles defines as the thought system of the ego.

This is not a criticism of vision boards or any other manifestation techniques. I’ve made many. Of course they work. Anything that we focus our attention and energy on will manifest because we are given God’s power to create.

What this Lesson 24 invites us to contemplate is:

I do not perceive my own best interests.

I don’t know what will bring me peace and happiness… but I think I do. In fact, my (ego) mind keeps telling me, from its perspective, what will make me happy, and they all have to do with attainments in this material world.

The invitation is to surrender all our ideas to Spirit, to the thought system of Love which sees no separation and knows only the truth of love, oneness and the infinite, unchanging perfection of God’s creations, which include us.

We can’t perceive that world (or ourselves in that way) unless we’re willing to let go of the ideas that made this world.

Willingness. That’s all we need. Then, help from the Highest rushes in to support us and bring us back to the awareness of who we are.

Whatever we do in this world is transitory, impermanent, not real in the sense that we are in a dream unaware that we are asleep. All our senses dispute this, and bring us example after example of how “real” the world and its sufferings are. In a dream, of course everything feels real… until you wake up and realize it wasn’t so.

Only Love is real. Only Love lives on. Only Love is forever extending.

And Love is what we are.

Love knows what’s in our best interests.

The question is: are we willing to listen and to learn?


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