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Illustrated ACIM Lessons 1-365

Updated: May 16, 2023

In this new year, I have felt inspired to continue with my studies of A Course in Miracles, and to deepen my understanding of the lessons using illustrations.

I have started with Lesson 1 here, and will continue until Lesson 365.

You can see my posts on Facebook (albertoagraso), Instagram (albertoagrasoart) and very soon Webtoons (albertoagraso).

I will not be doing speed-drawings or explanatory videos as I have done before, but merely opening myself to receive from Spirit an illustration that supports the words written in the lesson. I will also not put the pressure on myself to create an illustration a day, but rather to stay close to Spirit and follow Its Guidance as to what to do each day.

I do this principally for me, for my own awakening. And in offering them to you, I am making the lessons more real for me, more permanent in my system of thought, dominant as the only paradigm with which I am thinking. My only intention is that they serve you in your awakening as they are serving me.

If you don’t already have the Course, you can read the lessons (and the text) for free online at

With love,


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