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ACIM Lesson 248 - Should I deny I'm sick?

Updated: May 16, 2023

"I find it difficult to process this concept because I find that in life it is important to love each other in integrity, so if I am sick and my body is suffering, I cannot deny it and say "everything is fine", because it is not."

This comment came on the illustration that Alberto made of Lesson 248 which states that "whatever suffers is not part of me". You can read Alberto's response in Spanish HERE, but I also added a comment that I hope serves the conversation.

With love,


* * *

Dear friend,

Thank you for your comment. What it shows me is the persistent idea within ME that insists I cannot deny that I am a body that exists and that suffers and that will die if I do not focus on all its needs. This idea I now give to Love (or Holy Spirit, God, Jesus, the Universe, etc.) to be corrected within my mind and in the mind of all so that the truth which is already in my Real Mind (or Real Self, Son of God, Christ Self) can reveal itself to me.

So thank you for being the bringer of this idea made manifest through you.

What I am about to say can only make sense if we are willing to set aside all that we think we know about who and what we are, and be willing to explore another way. With the guidance of our Universal Inner Teacher (which the Course calls the Holy Spirit), I will try to offer some comments that may be help.

The whole objective of this Course is to have you realize that you are sleeping, dreaming a dream that you are convinced is real. You are convinced you are a body, with your mind imprisoned in your brain, separated from other bodies whose minds are also in their brains. You believe you have your own thoughts, and they have theirs. You believe your life begins and ends in the body. You believe you are limited by your body and what it tells you you can and cannot do. In essence, you believe you are your body.

The Course is teaching you that this IDEA about who you are is false. It is impossible that what God created could be so weak, fragile or limited. Impossible. God only creates what is Eternal, Perfect, Holy, Sacred, forever One with Everything... like Himself. THAT is His Child (or Son, Creation, Extension, Ray).

Is the body any of those things?

So how can God have created it?

From inside the body, we cannot conceive of what it means to be the Child of God. We cannot conceive - with our very limited ideas – what it means to be Eternal like God, Perfect like God, Complete like God. We cannot conceive of One Mind, thinking only the Thoughts that God thinks. We cannot conceive of continual joy, peace and love forever sharing itself unto eternity.

But this IS Who You Are. The Course is trying to lead you back to this awareness of Who You Are, as God created You. Not as the body. Not as Alberto. Not as Mony.

They are the fabrication of a tiny part of the Eternal-Mind-that-is-One that believes it has separated itself from this Oneness, has wrapped itself in a body, gave itself senses to confirm its existence, and declared that it exists... separate from its Creator and all of Creation.

But nothing real can exist outside of the One Creator. Nothing.

That’s the sleep that the Son of God is in. The dream that he believes is real.

The Son can believe all that he wants to believe in his dreams... but it will not change the truth of Who He Is.

He is fabricating illusion upon illusion in his dream that he can be separate from His Creator. He is experiencing all the fear and guilt and shame and loneliness that come from this idea.

But he can NEVER be separate from God. That’s why it’s a dream.

The body is neutral. In the Hands of Love (Holy Spirit, God, Real Self), it can be a radiant instrument to extend of God’s Love and used to extend that Love to all Creation. In the hands of the mind that believes it’s separate, and that harbours any feelings of guilt or regret or belief in sin... it is a witness to the idea that you are a frail being, born to suffer and die.

It is THIS idea that is false. And it is THIS idea that must be corrected, in the mind that believes it, in the mind of the dreamer who believes he is awake and what he is experiencing is real. That’s the role of your Inner Teacher, to correct these errors in thinking and reveal to you the truth of What You Are and What You shall Always Be.

There are entire chapters in the Course dedicated to healing which are very powerful and illuminating. I cannot possibly summarize them here. I highly encourage you to read those chapters specifically (and the entire Course really) WITH your Inner Teacher, with the Guide who knows exactly how to help you, exactly what you need to help you in your journey of awakening.

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