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The Call for Faith

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

It is always a gift to be invited to share some reflections on my spiritual journey, especially to a spiritual community.

Both Alberto and I have always felt warmly embraced by Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa. We have spoken there on many occasions. This time, they asked me to speak about #faith.

This is the talk that I gave.

And thanks to Alberto's efforts, it is with Spanish subtitles!

As I listen to the words, I realize that it is precisely WITH FAITH that we are called to look upon the world... not the faith of what our eyes show us, but the Faith of what is beyond this world, of what is in our hearts, what is eternal, what is forgiven, what is Truth, what is Love. It is the call to go there, to let go of the shore of what we think we know, and to rest in all that is Love and where all in answered.

One of the most touching messages was a channeling that came as I was preparing this talk:

God (Creator, Father, Mother, Source) never says,

I’ve lost faith in you.

The message is always,

I have faith in you. You are my beloved child.

Give ME all your fears and worries, and let ME give you Peace. Let ME give you Courage. Let ME give you clarity, a new way of looking at things.

Give ME your guilt at not being able to do this.

Give ME your shame at not feeling worthy of so much love, especially when you feel you have failed ME or betrayed ME. For you can never do that.

Your deepest fear is that I – God – will no longer love you if I saw what resides in the dark recesses of your heart: your anger, your insecurities, your thoughts of revenge, your jealousies, your pettiness… Give ME those especially. Let ME free you from these chains you’ve placed around your heart and mind.

I am always with you. Lean on ME. Rest in ME. You are safe with ME, not in this physical world or your thoughts of it.

God’s Faith in you is everlasting.

Now are you invited to renew your Faith in The One who will never fail you."

May these words bring you comfort.

Please feel free to share this video, if you are called to do so.

With love, always 🙏💕


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