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Meditation for Anxiety

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Original Art of the Spirit by Alberto Agraso

I know that some people living in Ottawa may be feeling some anxiety over what's happening in the city, the potential counter-protests to the protests... and I felt guided this morning to share a meditation-visualization that may help you feel you are "doing" something.

It's obvious that, first, your own heart must be at peace, your own mind must be still. Whatever practice gets you to that state (be it a walk, listening to music, deep breathing,

prayer, meditation, etc.) that. Let all fears dissipate.

From that stillness, envision your body physically in what you consider the centre of all this "conflict". In your mind's eye, place your body there, either seated or standing. But you don't go alone. Enveloping you is a Presence, a Power, a Light more powerful than anything your eyes and other senses reveal to you. It may take a form (Jesus, Buddha, an Angel, Ascended Master, etc.) …wonderful! Go with them. You may even hold their hand or envision that hand on your shoulder. You feel safe.

You are here IN and WITH that Presence. ITS Peace is already blanketing everything your eyes show you. IT extends indefinitely. IT has no end. You are at peace within ITS Presence as you either sit or move about, untroubled, unhurried, unaffected. In all directions, IT extends, laying ITS gentle assurance upon all IT touches. You feel safe. All are safe. If a colour enters your mind, lay that colour upon all. If a mantra or chant or prayer enters your mind, speak it. Be or move in that Peace, in the assurance that IT

knows exactly what to do through you, with you, as you.

Your awareness is on IT. Your thanks, your love, your appreciation... go to IT. Your confidence is in ITS ability to work "miracles".

Stay for as long as you feel. When you leave, however, know that IT remains. Place your faith in IT as you go about your day.

With love and blessings,💖


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