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AN OFFERING: Daily ACIM Lessons Narrated by Mony

Hello fellow ACIM students,

This year, to deepen my own practice of the Course, I decided to record the 365 Workbook Lessons and to share them, one a day.

I identify as she/her, so the voice you will hear is feminine. I only narrate the Lesson, and offer no commentary on it.

You can find them on SoundCloud in this playlist:

They are also on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts. Just search for my name (Mony Dojeiji) or the "Walking for Peace Podcast".

You can also look for me on TikTok and YouTube where you will see a video of the daily ACIM Lesson that combines my voice with Alberto's daily Lesson illustration that he offers for free viewing on his social media. Here's the YouTube playlist:

We hope you enjoy these offerings, and that they serve you in your studies of the Course as much as they are serving us.

With much love,

Mony and Alberto


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