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Walking Alone

Publisher : Walking for Peace Publishing (Nov. 18 2017)

Language : English, Spanish 

Format: Ebook or Paperback 

Page Count : 104 pages

ISBN-10 : 1927803160

Walking Alone : A Pilgrim's Guide to the Inner Journey 

Information abounds to help the pilgrim prepare for the physical aspects of their pilgrimage – what to wear, how to get there, what to carry – but little to no attention is paid to the mental, emotional and spiritual elements that make the Camino, or any other sacred walk, a pilgrimage rather than a hike.

In this book, experienced pilgrim and international award-winning author Mony Dojeiji shares insights and tips from her pilgrimages on the Spanish Camino and walking 5000 kilometers from Rome to Jerusalem.

She also offers questions for you to consider as you prepare your journey, and how to integrate the lessons learned upon your return home.

It is a companion before, during and after your pilgrimage.

Be sure to follow Mony on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on upcoming seminars and webinars. 

Buen (inner) camino!


Paperback: 19.63$ CAD 

Ebook: 9.99$ CAD


Read excerpt and buy through Amazon:

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