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The Call

Publisher: Walking for Peace Publishing (Jan. 13, 2014)

Page Count: 70 pages

Format: Hardcover

Language: English, Spanish

The Call, whispers from within

Each and every one of us,

in certain moments of our lives,

feels a call.

A call to change,

to follow a dream or an ideal.

At times, even a call towards the unknown,

guided only by an emptiness

that needs to be filled.

This is a hard-cover book of meditations and reflections, based on Alberto's original transformational paintings.

Open it at random and meditate upon the image and/or text. 

Read it all at once, and embark on the journey that each soul is eventually called to embark upon. Whether it is to follow a dream, or listen to the deepest murmurings of the heart, "The Call" must eventually be heeded.

Hardcover: 34.99$ USD 

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