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I am Happy

Publisher : Walking for Peace Publishing (January 1, 2013)

ISBN: 978-0-9878762-3-2

Format: Paperback and Ebook

Language : English, Spanish, French

Page Count : 36 pages

I Am Happy 

"Hello, my name is Angela, and I am so happy."

So begins the tale of Angela, a little girl who sees the world through the eyes of Love. Join her, and allow the magic and wonder that fill her life to fill yours, too. 

Suitable for the young and the young-at-heart. 

Paperback: 22.00$ CAD 

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Ebook : 9.99$ USD 

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Awards and Recogitions

  • WINNER, Mariposa Award for Best First Book (Children and Youth) at the 15th Annual International Latino Book Awards. This award is given to a Latino writer who has achieved excellence with his or her first book. Full press release HERE.

  • SILVER- Children's Picture Books: Inspirational / Motivational at the Mom's Choice Awards®. Full details HERE. 

Critic Reviews 

Midwest Book Review: "I Am Happy" is a beautiful color illustrated book about Angela, a pudgy girl who is so happy she wants to scream "Thank you!" for all the good feelings and experiences in her life. When Angela looks in the mirror, she likes what she sees. She is grateful for her friends, her room, her home, her parents, her meals, her teacher, her neighborhood, her playground, the trees and birds in her yard, and so much more. All these wonderful things make Angela want to say "Thank You!" Angela feels happy and loved when she is with her parents and close friends, and also when she is all alone.

"I Am Happy" is a wonderful children's book about the healing powers of gratitude, which it is never too soon to learn to give thanks for. The imaginative illustrations also convey a sense of joyous spiritual enrichment which is hopefully every child's entitlement.

"I Am Happy" is wonderful material for children age 3 and up.

Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards: "Beautifully illustrated; boldly colored, nicely detailed (with lots to look at in the backgrounds); Angela is beautifully rendered. Her expressions, body language, and the way she's colored all nimbly portray her vibrant personality. Her friends are multiethnic and also beautifully rendered. Particularly nice: the "hee hee hee" page; Angela and the mirror (looking into the handheld one; peering into the full-length one); the "I like me;" the big (smiling) tree; Angela drooling over the pie; Angela liking all that she sees.

The story is nicely told; that Angela is happy with everything "her pudgy face, her funny smile, her crazy bangs" is a wonderful (non-preachy) lesson for kid readers. That she thinks herself beautiful is particularly powerful for girl readers. That it is important/good that her friends listen to her is also a nice (non-preachy) lesson. Also appreciated: her ability to be happy on her own. Angela is a positive character, sure to influence on kid-readers. Some good phrasings: tickles that run all over my body; the description of the living room; the endless fields of flowers."


Inspiring Books and Products for Kids: "There are so many wonderful messages contained in this book. There is the message of the importance for all of us to be appreciative of what we have and who we are. There is the message of the importance of liking ourselves from the inside out. And there is the message of seeing everything through the eyes of love and how important that is to enjoy our lives and to have peace. If children can learn these important lessons from an early age, they will become much happier as adults.

The illustrations are also colorful and bold. They are also expressive–I just love Angela's little smiley face. She shows such true joy and peace.

Thank you Alberto and Mony for such a great book! You have a gift for writing wonderful children's books. I hope you will write more children's books in the future."

Natalie P.-"You have written an amazing book that will help children feel like they belong and that they matter. Helping children see and feel the blessings that every day brings will be very beneficial on their journey to adulthood. Thank you for writing such an inspirational book for children and adults too, it sure opened my eyes and heart reading it with my daughter."

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