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Publisher : Walking for Peace Publishing 

Language : English

Format: Ebook or Paperback 

Page Count : 263 pages


"To all who seek with the heart, to all who believe that Love is the answer to all, welcome.This is your home, your thoughts made manifest as these words.Here, you will find solace and succor as you continue on your personal journey of the Light, as your Light finds its expression in this world.You too are a Light in the world, a Light that has manifested for the sole purpose of making its magnificence known. And you are already magnificent, no matter what you perceive as your failings. You are already brilliant. You are already Love. And so very loved."


This message, channeled by the author on March 13, 2013, is one of a collection of channelings that she made over a ten-year period, and that are presented in this book. Weaving personal stories with messages of love and encouragement from Wisdom Teachers, this is at once a book of universal truths and a personal journey of transformation, spiritual maturity and confidence with the written word.

Paperback: 22.00$ CAD 

Ebook: 9.99$ CAD


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